Train Rolling Stock

Blue Hopper Blue Hopper

This is what you get when you combine two copies of set # 4536.

Blue Hopper Blue Hopper

The only parts needed to make the above car that are not included in
the original sets are the 2x2 plate turntables used on the axle assemly

Gondola Flat bed

A gondola style car and a generic flat car

Gondola Flat bed

Two long plate flatbeds, one with drop side panels

Gondola Flat bed

Two short plate flatbeds with loads

Gondola Flat bed

A red and yellow boxcar with sliding door

Road Railers Road Railers Road Railers

My version of the RoadRailer using 6x28 stud trailers

Road Railers Road Railers

I currently have 13 of these trailers operating on my layout

Road Railer Road Railer

A two motor engine has quite a job getting all my trailers moving

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