Semi Trucks and Trailers

Six wide Color line Six wide color line truck

Six wide color line truck with a regular type cab that has the sleeper widened to six studs and a cab-over-engine style tractor that is six studs wide for the whole cab, matching the width of the trailer as in real life

Six wide containers

Six wide containers and trailer, modified from the color line truck set

Six wide Color line Six wide color line truck

On the left, a cab-over-engine semi tractor and on the right a conventional semi tractor, both using the same hitch system and color scheme of the original Color Line truck set

Six wide tractors

Side by side comparison of the two different versions of the cabs

2148 tractor with trailer 2148 tractor with trailer

Standard 2148 road show truck that has had the sleeper stretched by 2 studs, also has a custom built trailer with suspension

Custom tractor Custom tractor

Over the road, conventional, large sleeper, big engine tractor

Custom tractor Custom tractor

A conventional tractor, trying some stripe patterns

Custom and modified tractors Custom and modified tractors

Different cab designs and a red nosed 3442, instead of the black hood

2148 tractor with trailer

Standard 2148 with a flat bed trailer

Six wide 6335 car carrier Six wide 6335 car carrier

Set number 6335 with the trailer being the same as originally designed but the tractor has been converted to cab-over, six wide

Semi trucks Semi trucks

On the left, a lowboy trailer. On the right, a 3442 with a typical trailer style that I use.

Semi trucks Semi trucks

The same 2148 from above with a different trailer

Semi trucks Semi trucks

A different color scheme this time

Semi trucks Semi trucks

A Conventional slope nose tractor with a short trailer. Picture on the right shows the dolly for use when pulling multiple trailers.

Semi trucks Semi trucks

Two different tractors, on the right a cab over engine and on the left is a conventional (engine forward) unit. Neither truck has a sleeper compartment. Mainly for short haul usage.

Semi trucks Semi trucks

A short, single axle trailer with a regular six wide cab, shows a different attempt at exhaust stacks as I was out of the chrome exhausts.

Semi trucks Semi trucks

Short trailers being towed in tandem and triple

Tandems Tandems Tandems

Tandem flat trailers with loads, single and dual axle versions

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