Pictures of my train creations

The above two vehicles are based on ideas from Bram's LEGO® Page.

Track Crew Track Crew

A Couple of action scenes

Track service vehicle

The above vehicle is built from the LDRAW instructions on Thomas' LEGO® Trains Page.

Hi-Rail Vehicles

All the vehicles below have fold down rail wheels so that the vehicle can ride on the train tracks to where it needs to go.


A diesel truck transporter (3 axle hi-railer) with rail wheels to move track servicing supplies and equipment

Hi-Railer Hi-Railer

Different version of the above Hi-railer

Box Van/Front side view Box Van/Rear side view

A rail capable box van for carrying supplies and equipment

Small crane Hi-railer Small crane Hi-railer

A Two passenger cab with side compartments and a crane in the back for moving things around at a work site

Hi-railer crane

A road and rail capable crane for big jobs

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