John Neal's 8 Wide Trains

This directory contains pictures of John Neal's train creations. John builds many good looking trains. He has departed from the normal LEGO standard of 6 stud wide trains and build most all of his trains 8 studs wide, making for some very large and detailed trains.

Pictures of some of John's other creations are at his Brickshelf gallery page.

John can be reached at this SPAMBLOCKED address.

Red and White Box Car

Red and White Box Car


8 wide sleeper car using corrugated bricks to get the side look correct


8 wide coach, again using corrugated bricks for the sides


More coachs

rotary snow plow

A Rotary snowplow, blades are powered and spinning in this picture

Yellow Box Car

A Yellow Box Car

Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine

An 0-8-0 Steamer

A 0-8-0 configuration steam engine and tender

ATSF Box Car

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Box Car

Adventurers Reefer Car

A reefer Car with adventurers logos

Green Box Car

Burlington Northern Boxcar with working Flashing Rear End Device (Freddie)

Blue Box Car

Blue Box Car